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Authenticity: Corporate Hippie

Ask yourself are you sick of hiding who you truly are in the business and corporate environment? I mean is it just a little too much hippie and not enough corporate of ‘lets get to business' assertiveness? or are you feeling like you live a double life? Speaking two different languages?

Urban Dictionary describes a Corporate Hippie as a person who embraces the "hippie" attitude (peace, love, understanding, diversity, non-violence, the greater good, environmental awareness, etc.) but is fully integrated into the corporate world. Corporate hippies seek to prove that social awareness and the private sector can coexist.

Many of us to straddle the corporate world and the spiritual can feel we are two faced or have multiple personalities or feel like we are lying about who we really are. During the week corporate badass with strong assertive nature kicking goals in the boardroom, by the weekend the nature loving, tree hugging, incense burning, crystal hoarding, tarot reading hugger who praises everyone for their unconditional love.... Sounds like you? Well this was me for a loooong time until I found a pathway to be a blend of both.

Here are my top tips for being a hippie in the corporate workplace:

Meditation is a must, so befriend it and make it part of your morning ritual preparing your mind and body for the office, visualising yourself grounded, cleansed, clear and protecting yourself (if you feel necessary). High stress zones can really trash your energy fields so teach yourself how to do this quickly, it should be as fast a flicking a switch and boom you are ready to roll. Here is a quick meditation to get your started - Alignment.

Crystals are your spirit helpers in physical form, they can be a supportive tool that doesn't have to be ghastly in everyone face, particularly if you hot desk. We don't want to offend others, but we do want to support ourselves during the working hours. So have a couple of small tumbled stone under your computer screen. You even could program them with intention to to clearly articulate your point or keep you grounded and not running away with the office garden fae.

Essential Oils are fantastic way that is widely accepted, you could have a diffuser in the office to liven up the energies such a soft citrus like lemongrass or wild orange. You will also be supporting your surrounding work friends with increased wellness as we know that oils have amazing properties to boost immunity and increase focus. But be aware of those around you who may have allergies, you could set off someone's hay fever etc. Lavender is one that so many people have difficulty with so it is always respectful to ask around before you press go. If you do have a sensitive colleague this doesn't stop you from having a little oil on your wrists (in a carrier oil) to support yourself. Or even consider a room spritz or spray if you don't have a diffuser.

Don't loose your hippie nature to the corporate jargon, ditching the language of Empathy for words like agile, effective and strategy. Your empathy is what is going to connect you to the culture of the business, your colleagues, stakeholders and customers. Only though empathy do we show our corporate maturity and emotional intelligence. Tapping into the inner hippie's empathy will empower community connection which will cultivate inclusion and diversity, furthermore encourage valuing employees skills and abilities. Empathy also gives insight into how an employees understands themselves, their character and demonstrates their personal growth. Empathy can also give you the edge to make an impact on the business....because you are emotionally available and invested!

Another really important aspect of emotional intelligence and spirituality is Listening... simple yet so many suffer as they are to busy making noise they are not looking for the body language, feeling into the tone of the message, connecting to the energy of the room/meeting/colleague. Yes we can all get caught up in the excitement of it all however our goal as spiritual beings is to drop all of the external noise and listen, listen to self, listen to our bodies, to nature and spirit... so listen, it will further create more empathy and interconnection. On the downside you may be come the office emotional dumping ground because your so intuitive and people feel like they can relate to you and you won't judge them... word of warning this can go very bad ending with gossip and spite, so careful of your personal boundaries, you are not there to fix everyone's problems.

Most importantly BE are you not a robot, be yourself, be who you are innately are a good person, who cares about the environment, who is kind and courteous, who enjoys being creative and heart-centred. This doesn't mean you need to tell the your work friends every retreat, yoga class or every crystal you have, what does mean is be Authentic.

Want to see me talking about this very subject? Here is where you can find the show

Blessings Zora x


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