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Galactic Centre: The Womb

It is time to reclaim your womb, your galactic centre, the divine feminine spark in the waters of the great Cosmic Womb. She calls for your awakened connection, love and understanding, do you hear her? She yearns for the primordial energy, the universal consciousness to be brought through you, do you see her? She is brimming full of deep desire to be embodied, do you feel her?

Accessing all of the beauty one can dream of, begins with a reconnection with to our bodies and our wombs, honouring the remembering of our own sacred feminine essence.

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It might have been some time since you have considered what dreaming awaits you, considering the womb is not a body part that is visible, nor talked about except in relation to birthing children.

My own personal experience of reconnection with my Womb was profound, insightful, and took me deeper than I have ever been before, integrating my shadow, honouring her. My womb spoke of forgiveness, mourning, rage, aching love and wild primal feelings to be embodied. My feminine essence could no longer be ignored, pushed away or abandoned. To open the gateway to reconnection with your womb I have included a ritual.

Reconnection with the Womb Ritual

Find yourself in relaxed space where you can freely access your abdomen and won’t be disturbed. Play some relaxing music and lay down with your knees supported and feet together, creating a diamond with your legs, opening the feminine flow.

Tune into the energy of your Womb for a few moments whilst you get reacquainted by placing your hands over your abdomen, call to her gently and be open to receive.

Move into a Womb~Heart dialogue:

  • How open is this connection?

  • Maybe explain why you have not been attentive to your womb

  • What do you need to tell me?

  • What do I need to heal here?

Let you womb know you are going to honour her for the next 21 days and will create a womb balm – ask her what intention would she like added in support of your reconnection?

Prepare a womb balm you will need: coconut oil, essential oil of your choosing, crystal chips, herbs, liquid crystals, bush essences, colour therapy or anything else you are called to add.

With deep connection to your womb, prepare the womb balm by adding all ingredients to the container and stirring with the intention given.

Then move into the sacred devotional honouring by massaging the womb balm into the abdomen weaving, chanting or repeating the intention.

Allow space for any emotional or physical feelings to arise remembering your outside time and space.

Once the ritual feels complete, thank you womb for the trust and deep understanding. Close space.

For deeper connection and healing continue massaging the womb balm for 21 days morning and/or night.

Whether you hold the physical organ of the womb or not, this space is hold the keys to sacred portals, unconditional love and healing, ancient teachings and deep understanding.

Walk in Beauty


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