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About Zora

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Australia's Leading Medicine Woman, Shadow Alchemist and Gateway Openologist.

And the day came when the risk to remain in a tight bud, was more painful than the risk it took to blossom’

~ Anais Nin


For the last 20 years Zora has been deeply immersed in the sacred medicine practices as a shadow alchemist and gateway openologist.

Her quest to heal her reproductive dysfunction and pelvic trauma was the catalyst to embrace her Soul’s Calling – to dedicate herself to create healing and anchoring ancient feminine wisdom Earthside; midwifing women globally back to their inherent power and wholeness. Her aim is to shift women stuck in inter-generational programming patterns, separated from their personal truth, power and feminine essence leading to undervaluing their self-worth, to a place of living authentically knowing and loving themselves.

A powerful mission and vision birthed through her womb, held by spirit to be carried throughout the world anchoring healing and authentically transformative awakenings for all.

Through workshops, circles, consultations and training’s she guides women to a place of reclaiming and remembering, breaking free of old beliefs, through transformation and shadow integration and to awaken into their fullness!

Zora’s spiritual qualifications include Initiated Priestess, Advanced Shamanic Practitioner, Advanced Liquid Crystal Practitioner, Kahuna Body Worker, Womb / Hara Massage Practitioner and Womb Shadow Guide.  

Zora draws upon her 19+ years of corporate knowledge enhancing her facilitation and organisational skills to the spiritual world, blending the masculine and feminine essences between the two worlds. In her personal life she is a step mum to 3 young adults and devoted wife living on the Northside of Brisbane where she has her own temple space for gatherings, workshops, circles and consultations. A devoted scholar to sacred knowledge, Zora also has undertaken many education qualifications including completing her HRM Business Degree, graduating November 2021, Diploma of Leadership and Management, Cert IV in WHS, Diversity Panel Member and Reconciliation Action Plan Committee Member and Advocate.

Here are just some of Zora’s Qualifications:

QUT Bachelor of Business – Human Resources Management, 2017-2021

Womb / Hara Practitioner, 2020

Kahuna BodyWorker Level 3, 2019

Shamanic Practitioner – Advanced

Shamanic Practitioner - Basic

Yoni Egg Initiation with Luna Wood, 2015

S.A. Diploma’s in Leadership and Management, 2015

Liquid Crystal Advanced Training, 2015

Tao Tantric Arts, 2014

Munay-Ki Advanced Facilitator, 2014 (approx)

Liquid Crystal Basic Training, 2013

Rites of Passage Weekend with Amrita Hobbs, 2009

Embody Your Spirit Retreats and Events, Co-Creatrix and Facilitor, 2013-2018

Red Tent Facilitator Training with Tanishka (MoonWoman), approx. 2008

Committee Member, Facilitator and Advocate for Goddess Association in Australia, 2008-2011

Pomegranate Grove Priestess Apprenticeship, 2008-2011

Gateways to Shakti, Womb Gateway Training, 2004-2006

Initiation Servants of Light, Ritual Magic Apprenticeship 2003-2006

Mystical Ritual Magic and Qabbalah 2003-2006

Tarot Journey with Polgara 2003

Dark Goddess Initiation, Andrea Bowering 2002-2003

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