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A 20ml crystalline elixir to support you become in tune with your own cycle, then reflecting outward linking you to the moon and the Goddess. Supports you to clear, align and balance all energetic centres. This combo is fantastic for those who are transitioning to and through motherhood. Overall this elixir will connect you deeply to the Divine Feminine.

Crystals Included in the Elixir:

1) Blue lace Agate - Calming and cooling to heated red energies and their accompanying thoughts and emotions. Stone of Peaceful expression.

2) Boji Stone - Clears, aligns and balances all the energy bodies, chakras and meridians. Balances the feminine and masculine polarities of self. Integrates and Grounds the mothering of the Earth.

3) Chrysocolla - Most Feminine of all stones. Treats all female reproductive issues. Tonic for all phases of womanhood. Powerful hormone balancer.

4) Crocoite - Enhances and stimulates sexuality with understanding. Aids the movement from one state to another. Increases Fertility. Balances hormone levels.

5) Moonstone - Balances and heals the Emotional by placing them under the control of the high self. Aids in embracing the cycles of life. Stone of Goddess integration and feminine self-embrace. Balances the hormones and Increases all aspects of mothering.

6) Pearl - Stone of Mothering, Peace and Purity. Carries one, from the animalistic to the most spiritual levels of self, then aids in staying there. Aligns one to the cycles of the moon, the lunar energies.

7) Peridot - Removes stress and tiredness. Bringer of joy. Regenerating to the body. Opens and cleanses the heart and solar plexus. Teaches patience. Allows one to understand life changes. Regulates life's cycles on all levels.


You will receive a dosing sheet to the email provided at check out, which will you support your Crystalline Embrace of your awakened gifts and connection.


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