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A 20ml crystalline elixir to support you after and during shock and painful situations. It will enable you to take a breath and open the heart. Calms and instills courage.

Crystals Included in the Elixir:

1) Botswana Agate - Oxygenation, breath, perception and looking forward to a solution. revitalizing

2) Hematite - Shock, grounding, body alignment. Any blood and bleeding.

3) Pearl - Trauma, shock, takes emotional disorder and creates balance, mothering, calming, peaceful, alignment to guidance, Insures the learning of the lesson.

4) Dioptase - Heart stone cures all. Pain relief. Fear and shock removal.

5) Rhodonite - Patience, Panic, Grounding and Centering. Unconditional Love.

6) Turquoise - Calm, Peace, Cooling, Panic, Healing Tonic, Guidance.

7) Ruby - Instils courage. Allows revitalization and is stabilizing and protective. Cools and calms.


You will receive a dosing sheet to the email provided at check out, which will you support your Crystalline Embrace of your awakened gifts and connection.


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