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A 20ml crystalline elixir to support you to increase vitality, motivates and gives radiance. Corrects exhaustion.

Crystals Included:

1) Topaz - Creativity, Inner-strength, Willpower, Anti-depressive, Body Battery.

2) Sunstone - Increases vitality and life force. Instils Optimism. Corrects exhaustion. Anchors the suns energy into the body.

3) Sulphur - Gives radiance. Increases life force and willpower. Creates up and go attitude. Increases body fire and gives an inner glow.

4) Gold - Optimism. The Power To Do. Revitalizing and regenerating. Anchors masculine power in action-DO.

5) Charoite - Removes the fears of the heart and third eye that are the seeds of lowered life force. Removes laziness and indolence. Places one in the now. Increases spontaneity and drive. Encourages individuality.

6) Diamond - Symbol of the Great central Sun, Source of all Light. The organic anchoring of light and energy, Protective of energy removal.

7) Bloodstone - Vitality, link to the earth and base energies. Increases empowerment and vitality.


You will receive a dosing sheet to the email provided at check out, which will you support your Crystalline Embrace of your awakened gifts and connection.


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