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***This elixir is POWERFUL!***

The ultimate celestial dreaming elixir with Mugwort, Passionflower and Liquid Crystal Jade made with the traditional folk method way, crafted on alcohol with the herbs certified organic.

Mugwort ~ She is a incredible medicine to dance with when it comes to sleep and visioning, she will relax your mind and body, producing vivid dreams or visions in colour. For those who walk the dreamscape in their magickal practice the plant spirit will entice your imagination, opening your vision to receive messages from their guides or ancestors. Or you may just be someone who just need more ZZZZZs which becomes restful, whilst also being able to remember your dreams.

Passionflower ~ also relaxes the nervous system so your body can relax into sweet slumber whilst reducing the mind chatter, allowing the other Devas in this elixir to do its magickal work.

Liquid Crystal Jade ~ Jaguar medicine joins you on your journey into dreamscape or visioning, mastering working in the realms. Working with this crystal can open doorways to walk with Jaguar as a totem animal and commune with elders of the Mayan Culture. This crystal provides wisdoms beyond the human world. On a practical level increases self confidence and ambition.

How to Work with this Elixir:
Take 7 drops before bed or visioning/meditation.

Sold in a 20ml amber bottle with tamper proof seal.

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Lucid Dreaming Elixir

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