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A 20ml crystalline elixir to enable you to meditate deeper incresing spiritual connection aiding your visioning and journeying in ways you haven't yet experienced.

Crystals Included:

1) Tanzanite - Opens the third eye, throat and crown chakras. Increases spiritual connection. Allows the embrace of unlimited concepts and access to one’s Akashic Records. Aids manifestation removes negativity and facilitates Angelic Communication.


2) Hematite - Active Hematite Shield for protection, security and Grounding. Maintains Earth connection at a high frequency. Activates the Earth Star Chakra.


3) Peach Calcite - Aligns to Universal mind and Unconditional Love links the thought of the mind and feeling of the Heart. Facilitates Angelic Communication.


4) Celestite - Invokes True Peace and Silence. Knowing. Angelic Communication. Allows identification with the ‘God state’.


5) Moldavite - Allows access to Past and future Lives. Extra-terrestrial communication. Indicates star origins and allows intergalactic memory.


6) Selenite - Creates powerful alignment to guidance in spirit. Facilitates inner truth. Opens, aligns and clears the bodies and crown chakra. Clears the mind and stabilizes emotions.


7) Emerald - Encourages higher breath control. Stills the emotions. Opens the third eye and inner vision. Activates the heart chakra. Induces peacefulness, tranquillity and patience. Powerful healer of the energy bodies.


You will receive a dosing sheet to the email provided at check out, which will you support your Crystalline Embrace of your awakened gifts and connection.


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