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Please note: This is a MINI in an aliminium tin


This Heart Activation Balm was created with the sacred intentions through ceremony to support those going through grief, sadness, depression caused through traumatic circumstances such as a loss of friend/family, heartbreak or heartache, loneliness or if your heart has been closed down for sometime and you wish to share your deep well of love with others and/or self.

Blending with the devas of each of the plant and crystal medicines open a pathway to the the heart, soothing and strengthen the heart (physically and emotionally), gently soothing the body, closing old emotional wounds, grounding the emotional and spiritual body providing a pathway to forgiveness and love.

Ingredients of sweet almond oil*, red clover*, comfrey*, st johns wort*, yarrow*, hawthorn berries*, rose petals, beeswax*, liquid crystals of kunzite and rose quartz, essential oils frankincense, ylang ylang and juniper berries (* denotes certified organic).

The balm is for external use only to dry clean skin, best applied over the heart chakra and pressure points in times of grief, sadness, heartache or when you need some self love and healing.

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MINI Heart Activation Balm - 10 ml

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