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A 20ml crystalline elixir to protect on all levels and brings confidence in ones own inner light.


Crystals Included:

1) Hematite - Creates a shield that reflects. Brings high frequency grounding, earth alignment and allows better control of Fears.


2) Black coral - Dismisses the need for protection via its powerful activation of confidence in the spirit that you are, dispelling fears of all aspects of darkness.


3) Amethyst - Provides powerful protection in altered states. Protects from the electromagnetic radiation of computers and the like. Amethyst is programmed with The Purple Flame of Transmutation. This is placed around the self, transmuting all Fear to Love.


4) Black Tourmaline - A powerful protection stone. Neutralizes one’s own negative outputs and pessimistic attitudes. Carries inner security and confidence.


5) Diamond - Increases light force. Anchors the spirit into the physical. Removes energies that block one’s inner light. Allows identification with the infinite.


6) Tiger Eye - Protection during travel. Increases self-reliance and confidence leading to increased personal power expressed with vitality and clarity. Activates love as a manifestation path to abundance.


7) Labradorite - Empowers the minds intent to protect. Removes the influence of others from one’s energy, cuts tie and destroys thought forms. Indicates manipulation. Protects from body paralysis attack energies during sleep and unwanted Extra-terrestrial contact.


You will receive a dosing sheet to the email provided at check out, which will you support your Crystalline Embrace of your awakened gifts and connection.


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