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Mayan Day Out of Time

Saturday 25th July 2020

Globally the Gregorian calendar is the most adopted calendar in the world today,which is a solar based system comprising of 365 days over 12 irregular length months, divided into 7 days equating to a weeks from 1 to 52. The Gregorian calendar was implemented in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII after his namesake, implemented as a correction to the Julian calendar (introduced 46 BC), which was deemed inaccurate as over time it became nonaligned with the seasons and holy days.

However one of the first time structures was actually the Mayan calendar which lived by a different standard of 'time' with differing aspects around the major holy days the renewal period. They believed that there was a day where the veils between our world and other dimensions thinned so we could be closer to the other dimensions of reality. A day to reset reality and consciousness for the coming year ahead.

To begin the new calendar cycle is to mark the Mayan Day Out Of Time. his special day is a time to reset humanities intention with focus on global alliance and spiritual awakening.  The Mayans used this ceremonial day to purify and forgive all beings through prayer, canceling all debts, so that all may have the opportunity of new beginnings in the new calendar cycle.

What's the math behind this I hear you ask... 13x28=364 plus one extra day, July 25, the DAY OUT OF TIME (MDOT)

‘The Mayan Calendar is a measure of universal movement, it is based on a planetary scale.’ JMA - The Liquid Crystals

They considered this day as sacred and was an opportunity for new beginnings, a day that is set aside for celebration, manifestation, letting go, liberating the soul, finding peace in the heart, setting new intentions, experience love and community. We do see this in our current calendar with celebrations and usually with a lot of disappointment, however this is a holy day with no 'social expectations' around drinking, getting skinny, sorting debts. It is a space of reverence, prayer, joy and heart centered truth.

Sourced from: Law of Time

MDOT is celebrated by many cultures and can be celebrated in a way that aligns with your connection to the sun and moon, to the crystals and how you walk this pathway of service. On this day I would suggest for you to powerfully shift into purification of the baggage you need to let go of moving into the next cycle because on 26th July it is a NEW YEAR! Full of wondrous opportunities to drop in to the new energies and start really walking the pathway of expansiveness.

You may have already felt the quickening without even knowing MDOT existed! Your sensitivity driving you to clean and clear the home/mind/body! Yes there are assigned Crystal Deva's you can work with to go even Deeper! They are:

Tuesday 21st July Celestite…Knowing Wednesday 22 July Elestial Quartz…Angelic truth Thursday 23 July Dioptase…Healing Heart Friday 24 July Peach calcite…Harmonise Saturday 25th July is MDOT :

Garnet…manifestation of Life Purpose....this is the doorway energy!!!

Take 10 mins everyday to drop into the energies of the Deva's, summon them into your being, feel them for the last time in this calendar year. Feel and know them as they take us into the death and rebirthing energy of the calendar end and beginning. Be in the expansiveness of dimensions on Saturday, carve out time, create a ritual, drop in and be honest with your Garnet Deva - manifest your deepest desires and THEN ACT! Step through the threshold and embrace your evolution!

Zora x

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