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2020 The Year of the Emperor

Updated: May 11, 2020

Collectively 2019 was a year of really dropping in and listening to the emotional self, time for action was essential for some who had to make some big decisions, relationships were ended, business deals abandoned, houses were sold or people moved to create something new in a new state/country, we birthed more rainbow babies and warriors stepped into more challenging conversations. For many the Year was unraveling and many wished for 2020 to be their year of ease, grace and flow....

So if you are like me and feel like ahhhh I am finally in a space to open fully and receive 2020 Emperor energies… welcome! If you have read about the Tarot energies for 2020 already and want to hear it from another point of view… also welcome! And if you have just stumbled upon me and thinking what’s is this yearly energy 'stuff'… you are very welcome!

So you may be wondering how do you know it is Emperor energy and why relate it to the Tarot?

2020 through numerology equates to 2+0+2+0 = 4, which relates to the number 4 card in the Major Arcana which is the Emperor card. This signifies the overall energies for the year.

According to Meg: In numerology, the number four represents order, focus, perfection, responsibility, practicality, logic, and growth. This is a detail-oriented energy, one eager to create structure, build foundations, and establish patterns for growth and success. 4 universal years are devoted to hard work and determination, to setting boundaries, to endless improvement – meaning that in 2020 we have the opportunity to organize our ideas into tangible goals, to turn potential into reality, to see our dreams become realized.

Keywords: Leader, ruler, commander of empire, sovereign ruler, ruler of the realm, father, disciplinarian, strategic, narcissistic, manager, paternity, pride, principles, organised, CEO, stability, divine masculine, warrior, official, direction.

Personally my connection with the Emperor has been limited, he rarely makes his way into my readings. However, journeying with this archetype and befriending his nature has enabled me to recorgnise his attributes and gain a deeper understanding of his complex nature beyond just what is depicted in the Tarot image below from the RWS decks and other representations such as the El Goliath Tarot (which I just adore!).

The Emperor sits on his throne
Tarot Emperor

In my journey alongside the Emperor I have come to know his as multidimensional figure. As per the live I completed on my Facebook page outlining some of the typical historical figures to give you a sense of deeper understanding Emperors through the ages watch Zora's live

Emperor Characteristics:

  • Calculated in decision making and connection with the ‘right’ people/archetypes/roles

  • Noble

  • Stoic (held in frame)

  • Air of commanding attention

  • Command follow ship not leadership

  • Self Obsessed

  • Self Ruling

  • Somewhat ruthless – short, sharp and direct

  • Self Promoting

  • Territorial

  • Forthright

  • Individualistic

  • Mediation or manipulative

  • Controlling

  • Visionary

  • Strategic

It is here on the Blog I get to go a bit deeper into his true nature beyond just his one dimensional ruler-ship...Whilst there are certainly elements of those such as Caesar, historical heavy handed narcissistic Emperors who thrive on domination, commanding respect and ruthlessness. There is also those rulers whom unite kingdoms, are strategic in wars and seeking to own the great lands. They also strive to see their 'kingdoms' thrive through making decisions that are best for the greater good. In that the decisions for the kingdom may see some loose out, however if the majority receive benefit the Emperor will action the decision... its not personal to him.

It is through these practical application of decisions drawing upon his experience (or seeks advice of those he trusts - Kings, those in power or even secret Counsel - in politics, war and only things that adds value to his kingdom. It is also important to note that he is never afraid to dig in and get his own hands dirty.

He is a visionary, who is considered and calculated, he comes from a strong foundation of plans well considered, he never shy's away from competition with a worthy competitor and is strong willed to stand up during confrontation.

Additionally, as depicted through the El Goliath Tarot Emperor links to the Father (the Masculine).

Dropping into the energy can be experienced in life as your father figure, your biological father or someone you considered to be father in the spiritual/workplace/community realm, furthermore can be reflected as the Father you are in this lifetime.

Typically fathers have high expectations of themselves and those within their family, they are the provider (the Hunter), the protector and at times the final law or 'say so' within the family context. They offer rich action orientated advice and guidance to seek a solution the most direct way. He encourages those around him to take personal responsibility and be accountable for their actions. He encourages mastery in life, often considered serious and 'strong', however is deeply passionate and loves deeply.

Shadow elements: lack of emotional intelligence, bossy, domineering, controlling, strict, mind lock, pack mentality, alpha, authority over others, childishly ambitious, takes advantage, entitled and lacks humility.

Journal Questions

To increase your personal connection ask yourself the following journal questions:

  • What is power to you?

  • What are my preconceived ideas on how power is enacted?

  • What are my feelings around the balance of power? or is it shadow? corrupt? or unjust?

  • Where in my body does power stem from? Does it depend on the situation?

  • Do I feel powerful?

  • Am I a strategist? or Visionary?

  • Do I command attention?

  • What does authority look like to me? What kind of authority do I respond to?

  • When I think of those I look to such as role models, do they hold aspects of the Emperor?

  • Am I a Leader? and how am I being responsible?

  • How do I feel about my Father? How is my relationship with my Father?

  • Does my father's characteristics match what is mentioned above? If not what do you love about him?

  • Do I hold myself accountable and responsible for decisions I have made?

If you would like to know more about how the Emperor has entered your life make a booking though contacting Zora through the contact page.

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