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2022 The Year of the Lovers

Let me start with 2021 delivered the lessons of the Hierophant relentlessly, so many truths and untruths were revealed, it has been brutal. Conformity, belief systems, hierarchy for many of us has been dismantled, reviewed and only what sings to the heart was welcomed back on the journey. Teachers, mentors, and politicians have revealed their true intentions. Relationships have been strained and many have questioned their own calling, their own divinity. The pandemic has bred fear, isolation and depression – Yes, the shadow is real!!!

Read about the 2021 energies here. Reflecting back how bang on was the energy? WHOA!!!

For me personally it has been a year of the deepest grieving, even as I write this, I realise my body intelligence I have covered my heart with a cushion, providing the support and protection I need… I am burnt out and I am not alone in that. The depth of pain watching my family untangle webs of deceit, abandonment, and fear have left me with an emptiness that I can’t even put into words. I have leaned on those who were able to step into this with us, I have relied on feminine embodiment practices (breathwork, altar honouring), I felt at times I couldn’t get through the day without essential oils, cacao and beautiful messages from spirit.

As I sit here in reflection of 2021, I can see so many achievements of the collective and personally, somewhat shrouded by what people have been journeying with, however here we are on the last day of the year, ready to welcome the universal energy of the Lovers.

So, you may be wondering how do you know it is The Lovers energy and why relate it to the Tarot? 2022 through numerology equates to 2+0+2+2 = 6, which relates to the 6th card in the Major Arcana – The Lovers.

Keywords: Relationships, Love, Partnerships, Family, Soul Connections, Co-Operations, Unity, Self, Synthesis, Nourishment, Severed Cords, Cross Roads, Temptation.

Overall, the Lovers energy invites you assess, move on, or deepen your relationships. If you have neglected those connections in 2021 you now have an opportunity to feed or sever those cords, which is often an uncomfortable and vulnerable, but I encourage you to follow your heart and be responsible. Lean into the love for self, it is your True North.

This year will bring a desire to be nurtured and nourished by those around you, often feeling the need to be transparent in a safe place. These qualities can be obtained as we work authentically on ourselves and our unification of our purpose, shadow and higher purpose. Relationships can include business or collaborative partnerships that need to be upgraded to our new vibration and align with your core beliefs. Where new connections emerge it should be based on balance and strong foundations, in other words how are your boundaries? It is time to get real with yourself basically, real with the rebirthing you experienced through the Year of the Hierophant.

The Lovers year is often deemed a year of growth, but remember when we were teenagers and experienced the physical pain of growing taller? With growth comes some unpleasant shadow work… with all of the light we have to embrace the dark. Aspects of shadow may show up as the needs to be validated, seeking our worth through others or tangible things. Temptation is theme that may come through with the Devil energy peeking his head into the delight of what’s behind the veil, in your deepest fantasies and desires.

Journal Questions

To increase your personal connection ask yourself the following journal questions:

  • What were the trends in 2021?

  • What inner conflict are you struggling with at the moment?

  • Which relationships need to be tended and which need to cut (people, places, things)?

  • How are you showing up in relationships?

  • How will you be more authentic within your relationships?

  • What practices will you embody to bring in more self-love & self-healing?

  • What does personal unity look like for you?

Journeying with the Lovers is going to be another powerful year of moving into flow, sensuality, tantric energies, connection, and tribe.

Welcome to 2022!!

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