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2021 The Year of The Hierophant

As the world holds its collective breath ready to farewell the year that has been explosive, emotional, restrictive, enlightening, full of fear and love. As you may remember I never said 2020 the Year of the Emperor (Blog Linked for your reference) was going to be easy, actually it was going to be full of dictatorship and alliances, strategy and working within a patriarchal society.

Now as we sit upon the precipice of welcoming 2021 we await a new flavour a new energy to flow and it will but to what and whom shall we be awakening within ourselves this coming year??? The Hierophant!!!

So you may be wondering how do you know it is The Hierophant energy and why relate it to the Tarot? 2021 through numerology equates to 2+0+2+1 = 5, which relates to the number 5 card in the Major Arcana which is the Hierophant card, signifying the overall yearly energies.

Keywords: Belief Systems, Secret Societies, Shadow, Belief Systems, Teachers, Mentors, Preaching Personal Truth, Action, Patriarchy, Masculine, Marriage, Advisor, Structure, Crisis in Faith, Education, Direction, Unwritten Rules in Society, Conformity, Hierarchy.

The Hierophant depicted above in the Rider Waite Tarot is also known in earlier Tarot as the High Priest or The Pope. As he is sits upon his throne sharing his sacred knowledge to his followers wearing outfits of roses and lilies, he symbolises the teacher of the divine ways, an educator due his connection to 'God' represented in the keys below his feet, his staff and his 3 layered crown which speaks to his otherworldly knowledge, intuitive understanding, rightfulness for being the holder of the knowledge. The crown is also linked to Father/Son/Holy Spirit or Conscious/Unconscious/Superconscious. His elevated throne symbolising authority, superiority and his ability to bestow wisdom upon those willing to learn.

He is a wise teacher who holds ancient knowledge of societal and religious traditions, ceremonies or even formal education. However he can also be in the shadow dogmatic, patriarchal, conforming and can be ego driven believing himself to be 'God or Divine'. He prefers to do things as they have been done before, traditional and his inability to unshackle old belief systems continues to see him fall in line with an average society expectations. Differing to the 2020 energies where the Emperor ruled the physical empire, the Hierophant rules the kingdom of heaven as it connects here on the Earthly plane.

The most recent energetic Hierophant year was 2012, take a moment cast your mind back reflect what you achieved that year? What you let go in that year? How much you have grown spiritually or emotionally since then? Or where you were compared to where you are now within your relationships, including the most important one – with yourself?

This card is very much linked with Marriage within religious structures, however if we consider marriage to ourselves and the conscious participation that we must endure to Awaken to Our Own Truth we embody disciplined connection to our divine selves. If you have lost your way, he invites you to reconnect with your belief systems, connect to the higher power and restore your faith.

The Hierophant as mentioned earlier is the number 5 card and there are many representations within the depiction that draw you back to the number 5... 5 petaled roses, the 5 crosses on his dress and the V's in columns. Five in the tarot can be a difficult number, when you consider that the number Four is the comfort zone, where as Six is the success/victory, Five is where the awakening or expansion is to occur.

Researching the Hierophant from a spiritual-historical found that he was an Ancient Greek High Priest for the Cult of Demeter at Eleusis, located near Athens, where his role was a dedicated and chaste secret holder where he governed celebrations/ceremony, maintained the sanctuary and upheld the secret cult traditions.

Overall the Hierophant energies can ignite some serious questioning relating to authoritarian figures, mentors, coaches, teachers, politicians, bosses, religious leaders or anyone in areas of power through knowledge.

This year will ask you to consider if you need to burn it all down, break all of your rules, reinvent the wheel or continue doing what works, commit to your values, beliefs and rules... In all honesty 2021 is NOT about being comfortable, there will be times you will need to rebel, make it up as you go and set a new standard by taking a risk and letting it pay off (even if it is not immediate). You will question your faith and/or the current structure/s you have placed around you, they may be unseen limitations. You may have chosen different kinds of families, marriages, relationships, religions, spiritual practices, associations, affiliations, clubs, communities etc. and in each of those different choices we have made agreements, traditions and established common beliefs and goals. Maybe it is time to reconsider how much effort or how high of value you place on these? Maybe it is time to invest more or maybe it is time to awaken to your personal truth doesn't necessarily align to societal norms... what ever is if they are limiting you in someway, you need to take conscious action!

Additionally the El Goliath Tarot considers the Hierophant to symbolise being conventional, obeying tradition and taking an orthodox approach; consider how your ego defends your position before you consider another perspective, or how it controls situations, embraces competition or seeks to be in power. Where have you lost your spirit for innovation, creative boundaries blown wide open to a state of pure open-mindedness? It may be time to seek out a teacher or spiritual mentor?

Overall it is a personal choice if you hold other people in higher value than yourself.

Journal Questions

To increase your personal connection ask yourself the following journal questions:

  • As yourself what agreements and commitments have you made which are binding you?

  • Are you allowing yourself to explore your sacred spirituality or have you indoctrinated yourself or dogmatic pathway? to authoritarian leader?

  • Have you institutionalised yourself in some way, be it education, religion, career? And if so it the energy becoming stagnant or can you see where there is misuse of power?

  • Do you need to increase your education or wisdom?

  • Are you in need of community? Or a powerful leader? A beacon of light?

  • Are you living in authenticity?

  • Are you awake and trusting yourself?

  • What choices are you making that is in congruent with your values or beliefs?

  • Are you willing to take a risk to grow?

Journeying with the Hierophant dismantling the limitations (people/places/things) can ensure that we discover our sacredness, wisdom and rid ourselves of what is not in alignment with our purpose or calling. It is time to be the Change, Empowered and Purpose Driven.

2022 brings The Lovers the energies of truest life path or spiritual and humanistic purpose!

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